• Summer Special for Teachers

    Calling all teachers: We know how hard you work to keep our children nourished and safe while teaching them about life, manners, discipline, and so much more while trying to maintain some sort of balance for yourself. We want to say THANK YOU and extend a small token of our gratitude Learn more

    Summer Special for Teachers
  • Fundamentals of Yoga Workshop w/ Danielle Snoddy – May 28th

    Ever wonder why so many students each and every day around the world walk out of yoga classes smiling, radiant, and relaxed? Learn more

    Fundamentals of Yoga Workshop w/ Danielle Snoddy – May 28th
  • Relax, Give, Receive – May 26th

    If you are intrigued by the healing power of touch, come and join Angela at Shoals Yoga for a fun intro workshop to Thai Yoga in Savanna. Learn more

    Relax, Give, Receive – May 26th
  • A weekend with Master teacher, Prem Sadasivananda

    Just as all rivers join the ocean, all knowledge merges into Self-knowledge. Prem’s programs aim to offer theoretical knowledge of the spiritual bases of yoga and practical methods for achieving the mastery over the mind. Learn more

    A weekend with Master teacher, Prem Sadasivananda
  • What Binds Us?

    Are you caught in an endless cycle of reaching outside of yourself to satisfy your needs only to find that, in the long run, that something or someone is leaving you feeling less joyful and balanced? Learn more

    What Binds Us?
  • Gift Certificates Available

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    Gift Certificates Available
  • Shoals Yoga Teacher Training – Jan-June 2017

    Teacher trainees will embark on a once-­in-­a­-lifetime journey into an ancient practice that requires an exploration of how yoga works on mental, emotional, physical and energetic planes within the body. Learn more

    Shoals Yoga Teacher Training – Jan-June 2017
  • Corporate Wellness Program

    If you are interested in offering these practices to improve your workplace, please click here.

    Corporate Wellness Program
  • Visit Florence, AL

    Visit Florence, AL video featuring Shoals Yoga

  • Shoals Yoga in the Park

    Every Spring and Autumn, Shoals Yoga offers a free community yoga class in one of the many outdoor locations in the Shoals. Join us!

    Shoals Yoga in the Park

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  • I resumed my yoga classes at the studio 2 blocks from our condo. Although the teachers here are good, it sure makes me appreciate how GREAT the two of you are. I started taking yoga about 4 years ago and because we moved a lot I've probably had at least a dozen different teachers. I can honestly say that my experiences at Shoals Yoga far surpass any of the others. The passion and dedication you both have for yoga is evident in everything you do and in the way you interact with the students. I feel most fortunate to have had the opportunity to practice under your guidance.–Lois

  • Shoals Yoga has changed my life! Danielle and Ashley are so caring and professional. They are well trained, so it is easy to trust them and really relax during class. Yoga is a way of life. If you need more peace, love, compassion, healing or anything good in your life, please try a class at Shoals Yoga. It is a gift you give yourself. You are worth it!–Lisa Sims Wallace

  • Could not be more pleased with my experience at Shoals Yoga. I've been practicing yoga on and off for years, but Ashley and Danielle have really helped me take my practice to the next level. Each time I walk out of the studio I'm restored both physically and emotionally. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to practice with such an amazing group of people.–Kristen Mashburn

  • I began going to Shoals Yoga 6 months ago, never practicing yoga before, I was a little nervous! Danielle, Ashley and all the other students were so welcoming and encouraging. As a runner, my yoga practice has helped me physically and mentally more than any other form of cross training/exercise. Shoals Yoga is a gorgeous studio and the instructors are very passionate about what they do. Dedicate time to yourself and give them a try!–Megan Stein

  • To all of you who have had an interest in trying the practice of yoga or had hesitation because you really did not know much about it....I must share a personal story. Several months ago I broke my foot just as I was verturing into the wonderful world of Shoals Yoga. I found my practice to be calming and a healthy way to strengthen not only my body but also my spirit. I felt that with the injury I would be better suited for private classes. Ashley and Danielle encouraged me and designed a practice suited for my injury. With their help I was able to continue. I have now had my surgery and look forward to venturing into the practice that gave me so much peace. Once again Ashley and Danielle have encouraged this endeavor and I am now looking forward to my fast approaching return. I do hope you will take time to visit Shoals Yoga. I have no doubt your experience will be as positive as mine.–Sandi Barnes

  • I'd highly recommend Shoals Yoga to beginner and experienced yogis alike. Its teachers are kind, strong, knowledgeable, and very welcoming, and the studio space is lovely too. Classes are both strengthening and relaxing; challenging and restorative. As a (summer 2012) newcomer to Florence, I really appreciate the quality classes and supportive community that Shoals Yoga offers!–Caroline McGraw

  • Yoga is a gentle, non-invasive way to begin dealing with any PTSD or combat related stress. I sleep better because I am more relaxed, calm, flexible and my coping has increased. With yoga, I am learning to unite the physical me, the mental me and the spiritual me and bring all together as I learn to live in the now. The things I have been through are over and in the past. Yoga has helped me see I have a choice to keep living in my past negative and depressed ways or I can live in the now and be positive from this point on and be a living testimony. We all have a story, good or better, but a story.... Yoga has helped me change my perception on life. Life is what you make it to be. So go within to the truth of your existence that is never changing and bring back the knowledge needed to cope in this ever changing world.–LaDarren Rutland

  • One of my goals, after moving to Florence, three years ago was to improve my flexibility and strengthen my core muscles. Fortunately I found Shoals Yoga. Over the last two years, I have seen a marked increase in my mobility and a better grasp of the importance of the mind-body connection. Thank you Danielle!–Nita Thornell